Sunday, March 12, 2006


Seinfeld is a show about nothing – a show about nowt. Of course, it’s not really about nothing – nothing is. Wife and I have bought all the DVD releases so far, as well as having every episode on tape from TV broadcasts. Even so, whenever we happen to catch it on TV, usually on Paramount Comedy in the UK, we just have to watch it. It’s astonishing how many great quotes feature in every episode, stuff that over the years has become part of our language – that’s our language in the sense of mine and Wife’s and our circle of friends – things like “That chimp’s all right”, “On your back, like a turtle”, “High five”, and “I don’t care for that term”, all of which are actually from the same fantastic episode. But of course there are others: “I mentioned the bisque”, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”, “Master of my domain”, “Hellooooooooo”... I could go on but shouldn’t. There’s work to do.


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