Thursday, March 16, 2006

No time

Slow day yesterday, blogging-wise. Just too much damn work to do. And it’s likely to be the same today. Shame, because it’s fun writing any old crap that comes into your head: it saves you from saying it out loud and making a fool of yourself.

Woken up again this morning by the little shit next door. I don't know what time it was; I just know that it wasn’t “waking-up o’clock”. Think I’m going to have to have a word with the mother. As Jerry Seinfeld says in one of his terrible stand-up club-routine sequences in Seinfeld: “I never used to be the shusher; I was the shushee.”

But why do people feel the need to have kids? They’re generally so disagreeable. There is a lot more milage in this theme. To be continued...

In other news, I felt a bit bad about hissing at Cat yesterday evening. He came back but wasn’t all that pleased to see me. He’s kinda passive aggressive like that: “I won’t come near you, and then we’ll see who misses out on the other’s company,” he says.


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