Friday, March 17, 2006

Broken home

I guess I am now officially the product of a broken home. Whereas most people go through their parents’ break-up when they are young, my parents chose to wait until their youngest child was in her late 20s. I’m the eldest. And not a she. What is it about a couple that breaks up in their mid-50s? What kind of crazy shit is that? You’d think that by that time of life, you’re pretty much done with the “finding someone else” thing, no?

It all started more than 18 months ago, but now finally my mother has come around and decided to move on with her life. Good for her. But now I’m like, “This is weird: my parents have boyfriends and girlfriends!” Can’t say I’m looking forward to my next visit to Hometown.

Meanwhile, of course, my siblings have met our “new step-parents”. I mean, they’re not our step-parents yet – and maybe they never will be – but the very notion freaks me out.

Now my head hurts. Better get on with some work and numb the pain with tedium.


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